Male Chin Augmentation & Facial Implants in South Jersey

To many men, having a well-defined jawline structure is vital to attain a masculine and strong look. In fact, the symmetry and proportion of the chin and nose are the main contributing factors to frontal facial balance. A plastic surgeon may be able to add strength to a weak jawline by inserting a custom-fit chin implant. Continue reading to learn how William Franckle, MD, FACS may be able to improve your facial symmetry using chin augmentation.

Chin and Facial Implants

Wanting to improve your self-image is not something you should be ashamed of. With the help of chin and other facial implants, you may be able to attain the look you’ve been searching for. Chin implant surgery is a procedure where a silicone-based implant is placed on the chin to help create a more balanced overall facial appearance, both from the side and front profile. Other common implants include cheek and jaw implants.

Am I a Candidate for Chin Augmentation?

There are a few things that make a good chin augmentation candidate. If you have an under-projected or weak chin, you may want to consider chin augmentation with an implant. A chin is usually regarded as weak when the jaw bone lies behind the lips, making the lower lip look more prominent than the chin. For men, a weak chin can leave the jawline looking less defined, creating a less masculine and less desirable look.

Other reasons some men consider chin augmentation:

  • Improve definition of the neck
  • Help reduce the appearance of a double chin
  • Bring the chin into better proportion with other facial features, thereby improving facial harmony.

During your consultation with Dr. Franckle, we will take photos of your facial profile and discuss if you are an ideal candidate for a chin augmentation procedure.

How is a Chin Augmentation Performed?

You will first be placed under local anesthesia; an incision will then be carefully placed inside your lower lip (no scars approach) or within the natural crease under your chin (scar is hardly visible here because of the exact placement of the incision). Dr. Franckle will then carefully stretch the tissue around your chin, creating a space for the implant. The implant is designed to fit your jawbone and look and feel like a natural chin. Dr. Franckle may suggest some liposuction along with your chin augmentation to enhance the procedure results and accentuate a well-defined chin and jawline.

Chin Augmentation and Rhinoplasty

Dr. Franckle also has experience performing rhinoplasty (nose surgery). It is not uncommon for Dr. Franckle to suggest a chin augmentation to enhance the results of a rhinoplasty procedure. In many cases, the size of someone’s chin may magnify or minimize the size of one’s nose. Chin augmentation with the addition of a rhinoplasty procedure can help create the facial balance some patients are looking for. In many cases, both procedures can be performed safely within the same surgery.

Chin Augmentation and Cheek Implants

Some patients may require cheek implants in addition to their chin augmentation to reach their preferred facial aesthetic. Many people experience reduced cheek tissue or cheekbone contour as a result of aging or genetics. In a cheek implant procedure, the patient is placed under local anesthesia while a small incision is made under the upper lip, in the lower eyelid, or the hairline, and a pre-shaped implant is placed next to the cheekbone. Cheek implant surgery often comes with mild discomfort that can be controlled with oral medications. With this surgery, you can also expect swelling over the first month or two after the procedure.

Cost of Chin Augmentation

Although in most cases, a facial implant procedure cost will range from $3,000 to $4,000, these prices tend to vary from patient to patient. William Franckle, MD, FACS offers several patient financing options through reputable financial companies to help you pay for your chin augmentation. Before applying for financing options, contact our patient coordinator, Bianca. She can help you fill out your paperwork and discuss other payment options that could be available.

How to Prepare for Chin Augmentation

To prepare for chin augmentation surgery, the patient should wash their hair thoroughly the day before to minimize infection risk. The patient should also refrain from consuming alcohol for at least 24 hours before the surgery. They should also rest enough and sleep well the day before they go in for surgery. On the day of the surgery, the patient should wear a loose-fitting top with front buttons so it will be easier for them to take their shirt off without irritating their chin after surgery. In addition, if you have diabetes, you should have your vital parameters checked the morning of your surgery.

Recovery after a Chin Augmentation

For the first 48 hours after your surgery, you will be wrapped in a dressing. The dressing should go undisturbed in order for the incision to heal properly, and a liquid or soft chew diet is recommended for the first couple of days post-op to limit chewing. Typically, you will experience some mild discomfort that can be controlled with oral medication. You may feel a stretched, tight sensation around your chin, but there is often no need to worry because this is common and subsides within a few days.


FAQ’s about Chin Augmentation

More times than not, chin implants are very subtle. Chin augmentation is a very common procedure that is rarely noticeable.

If anything, chin augmentation may affect the look of your neck in a positive way. Increasing the projection of the chin can sometimes help the neck to look leaner and more youthful.

Once your chin has fully healed, the implant will stay in position. However, sometimes in the first few weeks post-operation, the chin implant can shift out of its correct position. This is an infrequent occurrence, but you will need to go back to the operating room to put it back in if this does happen.

The idea that men getting cosmetic surgery is taboo has fallen to the wayside in recent years. According to, 1.3 million men got cosmetic surgery in 2017 alone, an increase of 29 percent since 2000. If you live in South Jersey and believe a chin augmentation or other facial implants may help you reach your ideal self-image, request a consultation with William Franckle, MD, FACS. As a board-certified surgeon, Dr. Franckle has the knowledge to help you figure out if chin augmentation is right for you. Call us today at (856) 772-6500 to learn more.

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Dr. William Franckle, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Meet Dr. William Franckle Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Male plastic surgery doesn’t carry the stigma it once did. In fact, male cosmetic procedures have gone up 29% since 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Men of all ages and all walks of life are seeking to reach their aesthetic goals with an interest in plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments. Dr. William Franckle is dedicated to providing the most advanced options with his attention to detail and meticulous skill. His artistic eye and thoughtful approach, make Dr. Franckle an expert in such procedures as gynecomastia (male chest sculpting), rhinoplasty (nose job), male facelift, and non-surgical treatments (Botox and injectable fillers). As more and more men opt for cosmetic surgery, it’s important to stay informed about what these surgeries entail. Learn more about the types of male cosmetic surgery William Franckle, MD, FACS. offers.

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Find out how a chin augmentation can create a more masculine appearance in our most recent blog post! ⁠

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Gynecomastia Beofre and After⁠

For this patient experiencing gynecomastia, Dr. Franckle performed ultrasonic (UAL) and power assisted (PAL) lipoplasty techniques combined with full nipple reposition and excision of excess skin through periareolar incision.⁠

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Men looking to attain their aesthetic potential without undergoing stressful, costly, and invasive surgeries can benefit from a variety of tested — and proven — injectable treatments:⁠

◾️Botox Cosmetic⁠
◾️Juvederm ⁠

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Everyone’s eyelid shape is unique, with varying sizes, shapes, and skin elasticity. There’s no reason to think one eyelid shape is superior to another, but each type can pose different challenges when it comes to applying makeup and reducing the signs of aging. Learn the difference between double eyelids and monolids and how cosmetic procedures can help maintain a more youthful appearance in a recent blog post.⁠⁠

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Vectra 3D Imaging has truly revolutionized the plastic surgery consultation. ❤️ See possible results … before your surgery. ❤️⁠

Using several specialized 3D cameras, multiple pictures are taken simultaneously from numerous angles, of the targeted body area. These pictures are then used to build (2) three dimensional images of you.⁠

The first image is used as your “before” model and the second as your “after” model. While viewing the images, we are able to modify your “after” model instantly and continue to modify it until you feel comfortable with the projected results.⁠

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This 35 year old male underwent combined ultrasonic liposuction followed by direct excision with Dr. Landon McLain to treat his gynecomastia.

Call for a consultation with Dr. McLain today! 256.429.3411

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Male Neck Lift: Are you a candidate?⁠

Those experiencing signs of aging in their lower face and neck from sagging skin and excess fat would be ideal candidates for a neck lift. Many patients choose neck lifts because they feel the upper areas of their face are not beginning to age as much as the lower. Additionally, those considering a neck lift procedure should be non-smokers and live a healthy lifestyle to have a safe and healthy recovery. It is also crucial for neck lift patients to have reasonable expectations about the surgeries’ results. Remember, plastic surgery is not meant to turn back the hands of time; rather, it is intended to improve areas of the patient’s body they feel uncomfortable with.⁠

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Eyelid lifts can be performed at any age, if necessary. ⁠
You may be a good candidate for an eyelift procedure if you experience:⁠

✔️Bloated pouches of fat in upper or lower eyelids⁠
✔️Lack of natural eyelid crease⁠
✔️Above-average sagging around upper eyelids⁠
✔️Wrinkling in the upper or lower skin along the eyelid⁠
✔️Excess eyelid skin that causes vision issues⁠

Find out more on our website. Link in bio! ☝🏻⁠

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